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KOC's SC type FAOC is the most widely used fiber optic connector in FTTH without polishing. That enables fast, on-site installation of 250um, 900um, 2.0mm and 3.0mm connectors even when the user has no access to power. The three pieces of the Preassembled connector can be installed within a minute using simple tools and recycled several times. It accommodate a reliable and durable to optical network, especially suitable for advanced fiber optic systems requiring exceptional stability and low loss.


Compatible Cable
Round Type, Flat Type, Figure 8 Type, Aerial Drop Cable, Air Blown Cable(250um/450um/900um/2.0mm/3.0mm)


- No epoxy and polishing required
- Only three pre-assembly parts
- Quick and easy fiber termination


- Fiber Optic Telecommunication
- Fiber Distribution Frame
- FTTH outlets
- Optical Cable Interconnection
- Cabel Television